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Artec Group's green computing solution — the ThinCan™ — has won numerous awards, as early as the 1990's, for its innovative design. Energy-efficient, small and completely noise-free, the ThinCan™ is the ideal network appliance for embedded software and industrial microcontroller applications.

About this Wiki

This wiki exists to support the developer community with the resources they need to create custom applications for this open hardware platform. Everyone is welcome to contribute material on cool tricks they found to make development on the ThinCan™ easier and descriptions of their innovative ThinCan™ projects.

About the ThinCan™

Please read our FAQ to find answers to common questions such as Linutop's relationship with the ThinCan™.

ThinCan™ models

Geode SC: Classic DBE60
Geode LX: DBE61 DBE62 DBE63

Developing for ThinCan™ HOWTO